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Void 7.1
Date posted 29 May 2014
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Void 7.1 is the first chapter of Void. Laird interogated. Bond villains are role models. Things are getting more dangerous.


Laird wakes up to find himself trapped in three concentric circles, surrounded by Blake and his champions. They offer the officer some pizza and coke as a sign of hospitality, while simultaneously threatening to shoot him if he tries to leave. Maggie surprisingly explains why this provides good Karma. Upon request, they also offer him some aspirin, a bucket of water, a washcloth, a plastic bag, and the location of Laird's Implement. The captured chronomancer tries to pry as much information as he can before Blake can summon Pauz and complete the circle.

In classic Bond villain style, Blake finally explains how the circles and Pauz will work. Laird is alarmed when he finds out that he has to be trapped for days with Pauz. He and Fell explain that Blake won't get any bad karma if Laird dies this way because the responsibility for death would be deferred away from him. Blake questions him if deferring responsibility is the reason he manipulated Maggie into killing Molly. Laird doesn't answer, instead choosing to rankle them. As Blake and his champions turn to leave, the imp starts to verbally torment their prisoner. Laird begs to not have to endure this torture. Blake shuts up both Pauz and Laird so that he can reveal what type of person the real Laird is. With that, the group finally leaves.

Tyler points out how ridiculous and idiotic it is to just leave Laird in a deathtrap with a questionable henchmen. Evan and Ty continue talking about Bond movies. Fell reports that he has used more power in the last three days than he has in most years, and he may have to refuse using more soon. On the way to the police station, Blake uses Evan and the Behaim charm to confirm there is no danger. They enter the building, talk to the staff, and head their way to the morgue to collect Blake's stuff. Outside, Fell and Ty discover that the Sisters and the Astrologer have exchanged tricks to create searching paper eyes. Evan returns with knowledge of the Sister's location. Maggie suggest they hit them with a bit of blood and darkness.

Major Events

  • Laird is bound


  • Maggie swore!
  • Some observations on Karma


Thorburn Cabal

Champions of Conquest