Subordination is the sixth arc of the Pact web serial. It is preceded by Conviction and followed by Void.


Chapter Brief Description
Subordination 6.1 The Knights aid Blake in conspiring against Conquest. This includes the idea of recruiting Blake's friends as practitioners.
Subordination 6.2 Blake attempts to persuade his friends. Ty, Alexis, and Tiffany's awakening rituals.
Subordination 6.3 The new practitioners are briefed on the basics of magic. Resistance from Toronto locals.
Subordination 6.4 Rules are drafted, Blake and Conquest pick their teams, and the contest begins.
Subordination 6.5 Blake's team brainstorm a game plan. Friction from Rose. The first battle commences.
Subordination 6.6 Heart attacks, snarky gunslingers, and motorcycle jousting. The battle with the Shepard and the Eye concludes.
Subordination 6.7 Rose explains what she wants to summon. Maggie Holt joins the team. The second battle commences.
Subordination 6.8 Rose's summon, Midge, annihilates the Sister's dolls, and nearly does the same to Rose's team. The second battle concludes
Subordination 6.9 The group catches their breath as they come up with the next step in the plan.
Subordination 6.10 Conversation with Isadora about a variety of topics. After encountering the Behaims, the third battle commences
Subordination 6.11 The memory of these events were lost
Subordination 6.12 Goblins versus Chronomancers. The third battle concludes with the capture of Laird.
6.x (Histories: Aimon Behaim) Aimon and Roselyn's secret history together.
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