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This wiki is centered around the characters, places, and events of the Otherverse, the setting of a collection of web serials and related works by Canadian author Wildbow. These web serials are Pact, his second web serial novel, and Pale, his fifth. Although set in the same universe, these two works are not a direct sequence, and can be read in any order.

Warning: There are unmarked spoilers all throughout this wiki. You have been warned. It is advised to read the stories up to the latest entry before browsing if you are concerned about spoilers.


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Blake Thorburn was driven away from home and family by a vicious fight over inheritance, returning only for a deathbed visit with the grandmother who set it in motion. Blake soon finds himself next in line to inherit the property, a trove of dark supernatural knowledge, and the enemies his grandmother left behind her in the small town of Jacob's Bell.


Main article: Pale

Following the death of the Carmine Beast, Lucy, Avery, and Verona are inducted into the world of magic by a group of supernatural beings and tasked with investigating.

Pale is currently updating every Tuesday and Saturday at midnight PST, with bonus content every Wednesday.

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