James Thorburn is the son of Paul Thorburn and his second wife, Jessica Thorburn. He is also the older brother of Roxanne Thorburn, as well as the step-brother of the children of Stephanie Thorburn.


Wears glasses, looks like a Thorburn relative with blond hair and build.


Described by Blake as a nasty little shit who’d been prone to sprees of vandalism and hanging around with equally nasty grade schoolers around the time he left home. That being said, he was still better than most of his cousins, who were less than stellar examples of human. Blake theorizes that the reason he could see him while in reflections was either because James was quieter, more studious, and less exposed to the ugliness of the world, or he had never truly grown up or defined himself outside of the shadow of his parents and their desires.


He first appears in the story in the opening chapter, at the death bed of her grandmother, where all of her family had gathered. During the Malfeasance storyline he was able to see Blake while he was in the reflections, while the rest of his family barring Ivy Thorburn couldn't. When Blake entered the mirror he panicked and placed his hand over it, leading to him being injured when it was shattered, leaving him crying and needing to be taken to the hospital.


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