Ghouls are a type of Undead that exist in the world of Pact. Ghouls are individuals who’ve interrupted the circle of life and death, usually by eating the dead, coming back from near-death one too many times, or practicing necromancy badly and ending up out of balance, only able to keep going with periods of convalescence, like hibernation, and bursts of life or death voraciousness. Once awake they have a three hour window to find food or perish, and then rest for months or years. Depending on where their personal balance is sitting, they eat either corpses or they scarf down bits of still-living victims they’ve found in isolated spots.


Ghouls are thin, and are maddened with a need for sustenance. They are more like a rabid dog than human, but are immune to cold and never tire. Some have flesh-rotting bites as well. They can be staved off by reintroducing them to the cycle of life, using menstrual fluids, using plants connected with life and death, like Holly, or Funereal icons, done over the prone body or at a distance if you have the full name. Eggs are also a possibility, but not as effective. Beheading them also does the trick.

Greater Ghouls are comparatively fatter and have their wits about them, thus enabling them to be reasoned with and utilize the Necromancy they had in life or move between areas with an awful lot of death or life energy. Through this they can also take control of other Ghouls.

Notable GhoulsEdit

  • The Ghouls and Greater Ghoul[1]
  • Abyssal Ghoul

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