Damages is the second arc of the Pact web serial. It is preceded by Bonds and followed by Breach. The chapter title most likely refers to the legal term 'Damage per se', as one of Blake's goals for this arc was informing the police of Laird's imputation of crime. Another obvious meaning for 'Damages' is the damage taken from dealing with June and the Faerie, plus the gradual wear down Blake and Rose endure from their new lives.


Chapter Brief Description
Damages 2.1 Blake goes shopping during a grace period
Damages 2.2 Practitioners and Others attend church meeting
Damages 2.3 Blake and Rose bind June to a hatchet
Damages 2.4 Lawyers answer important questions while in the house
Damages 2.5 Duel with a Faerie swordswoman
Damages 2.6 Lawyer gives important advice while on walk through town
2.x (Pages: Famulus, Implementum, Demesnes) Some notes about Implements & Interviews with practitioners
Damages 2.7 Negotiations with Maggie
2.y (Histories: Maggie) Maggie's backstory
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