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Conviction is the fifth arc of the Pact web serial. It is preceded by Collateral and followed by Subordination. Legally, a conviction is a formal declaration that someone is guilty of a crime. Duncan attempts to convict Blake for Evan's death. Additionally, Blake's conviction is tested when he has to cut himself to escape; and again, when Blake accidently look at the Demon.


Chapter Brief Description
Conviction 5.1 Blake is arrested and interrogated by Duncan and the Toronto Police Department.
Conviction 5.2 Blake is interrogated once again, then sent back in time to be interrogated again. Rose arises.
Conviction 5.3 Jail cell escape. Duel with Duncan.
Conviction 5.4 Evan becomes a familiar, Duncan is done, and Blake is free.
Conviction 5.5 Fell drives Blake to the third task. They brainstorm on how to fight it.
Conviction 5.6 Battling an actual Demon.
5.x (Histories: Attwell Family) Attwell Family's history.