Collateral is the fourth arc of the Pact web serial. It is preceded by Breach and followed by Conviction. This chapter had many instances of something or someone being held as collateral. For example, Conquest chained Rose and threatened to torture her if Blake failed his tasks. Another example, Blake offered a square foot of land to Pauz as collateral if he broke their contract.


Chapter Brief Description
Collateral 4.1 Blake and Rose returns to Toronto. His friends throw him an unexpected "Welcome Back" party.
Collateral 4.2 Meeting the Toronto Council for the first time.
Collateral 4.3 Blake and Rose trick an almighty being into assigning them with three difficult tasks.
Collateral 4.4 Blake and Rose gear up, get debriefed on their tasks, and meet Pauz
Collateral 4.5 Rose negotiates a future time for a deal. Blake makes a quick trip to the University.
Collateral 4.6 Blake and Tiffany go on a date. Afterwards Blake gets ready for his date.
Collateral 4.7 Negotiating a contract
Collateral 4.8 Fighting against feral beasts
Collateral 4.9 Blake cleans up and prepares for his next task
Collateral 4.10 Blake meets the Knights and a little ghost boy
Collateral 4.11 Blake teams up with Evan to evade the Hyena's forces
Collateral 4.12 Blake and Evan evade various Others and defeat the Hyena. Blake is arrested.
4.x (Pages: Black Lamb's Blood) Diabolist Propaganda
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