Breach 3.1
Date posted 15 February 2014
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Breach 3.1 is the first chapter of the Breach Arc. Blake and Rose recruit another ghost, make a promise to each other, and open negotiations with Briar Girl.


Blake is attempting to summon a ghost named Leonard Harlan, but is having a bit of trouble. Rose reminds Blake about how their other ghosts haven't appeared either. Using mashed faerie hair and more name calling, they manage to attract and bind Leonard.

Back inside the house, Rose comments on how faded Blake looks, the culpability of Maggie, and the vividness of his tattoos. Blake decides to reinforce his emotional stability by forcing Rose to swear herself as an ally.

They head back outside. Blake calls Briar Girl's name to propose a meeting. She agrees. He offers her a bit of land in exchange for help in destroying the Behaim and Duchamp families.

Major EventsEdit

  • Blake gains a new trinket, a ghost in a bottle.
  • Blake and Rose swear an oath to help each other.



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