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Breach is the second arc of the Pact web serial. It is preceded by Damages and followed by Collateral. The legal definition of breach simply means a break, which this arc has many. Some including the breaking of Rose's trust to ensure loyalty, breaking into illegal property, and calling goblins and police to break the peace. Interestingly this arc also has a lot of potential legal breaches that the characters go through extra effort to prevent.


Chapter Brief Description
Breach 3.1 Blake bounds Leonard, swears loyalty with Rose, & starts negotiations with Briar girl
Breach 3.2 Finishes negotiations with Briar girl & learns how to use Glamour
Breach 3.3 Old!Blake infiltrates the Behaim & Duchamp meeting
Breach 3.4 Kid!Blake wrecks havoc at the Behaim & Duchamp ritual plus some lady's house
Breach 3.5 Walking home with Andy and finding out the house is trapped
3.x (Histories: Sandra Duchamp) Sandra's backstory