Bonds 1.4
Date posted 30 December 2013
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Bonds 1.4 is the fourth chapter of Bonds. Practitioner lesson 101: Assume everyone is cunning.


Blake finishes taking a shower, then has a quick conversation with Rose. They discuss about the differences between their lives and relationships. Upon returning to the library, Rose explains an idea she came up with to avoid following Granny Rose's instructions. Blake argues against it, until they are interrupted by the Police knocking on their door.

Blake recognizes one of them from the dream vision, and remembers how dangerous being taken away from the house is going to be. He carefully and "honestly" answers their questions. After successfully avoiding interrogation at the station, Blake agrees to go on a walk with Laird to have a chat. Laird explains the magi-political scene in Jacob's Bell, and why everyone needs the Thorburn family and home gone. The chapter ends with them going for coffee.



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