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Date posted 17 December 2013
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Bonds 1.2 is the second chapter of Bonds. Blake and Rose are try to introduce each other and avoid an introduction with more dangerous people.


As Blake hurries to leave, he briefly contemplates on everything he has been told thus far. About the believability of it all, and what Molly's supposed death meant to him. Upon reaching the lobby floor of his apartment, Blake wakes up his landlord and friend, Joel, to ask if he could borrow Joel's car. He agrees and tries to comfort Blake a bit; until the lights suddenly go out, and the girl in the mirror cues Blake that it's time to go.

As Blake drives back to Hillglades House, the girl in the mirror explains some more of what's going on. We find out that her name is Rose, she is a female copy of Blake, and that Blake is the next heir. Before we can find out more, a tall cloaked person wearing a bird skull mask appears in the middle of the road. They drive past it, only for it to latch something onto the car and drain the gas. Blake grabs a mirror and tire iron, and tries to run for it. Unfortunately the bird person is far faster, stronger, and more resistant to the cold. Fortunately the bird person is trying to make Blake's death look like he died from natural causes. Blake uses this advantage to run deeper into the snowy forest, where he runs into more bird-skull people. He endures a couple of their attacks, so that he can run onto a frozen lake. In desperation, Blake and Rose work together to smash the ice underneath their enemies, and create an opening. Blake dashes back to the road, where he luckily makes it to truck stop. The chapter ends with some friendly drivers carrying Blake to safety, and Blake hypothesizing that the monsters couldn't attack when innocents are around.





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