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Date posted 17 December 2013
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Bonds 1.1 is the first chapter of Bonds. Blake and most of the other major characters are introduced in this chapter.


The chapter begins with Blake arriving at his grandmother's estate, the Hillglades House. The Thorburns are having a final family meeting to decide which granddaughter will get to inherit the estate. Each grandchild is called forward to be interviewed by Granny Rose. While they each wait for their turn, the family quickly escalates into arguments and insults. Eventually Blake is called forth. He proceeds to insult Granny Rose, and blame her for everything wrong with the family.

After all the interviews are completed, Granny Rose announces that Molly will be the next heir. Afterwards, Granny Rose immediately passes away. With tensions high, Molly orders everyone to leave. Before Blake leaves, he informs Molly that if anything happens, she can always call on him for help.

Four months later, Blake has a bad dream. He sees two groups of people sitting at a table. Then he sees two messy people, who explain a bit of magic. Then he sees a girl with a checkered scarf talking to a young man. Then he sees a girl with a rabbit. Then he sees an aboriginal woman brushing a girl's hair. Then he sees a man sitting on a throne and a talking dog, who offers Blake a deal and tell him to wake up. Blake wakes up shaking, so goes to the bathroom to calm down. Except he can't calm down because there is a girl in the mirror who tells Blake "Run. Get to the house, now. Molly's dead. You're next." She breaks the mirror, and Blake runs.

Bonds 1.1 scene

Blake meeting Rose

Major EventsEdit

  • Blake returns home after years away
  • Blake confronts his family and meets his new sister.


  • Blake has a phone so he is presumably well off.


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