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Avery Kelly is one of the protagonists of Pale.


Rarely aggressive. She is arguably the most moral of the trio and is usually the first to leap to someone's defense.

Gay; tends to be attracted to women who are "a healthy size".[1]

After her time in the Forest Ribbon Trail, she seems to be unwilling or unable to eat meat.

Avery expresses great loneliness, and is eager for friendship and love. Maricica tells her that there are currently three people in Kennet who could return Avery's romantic yearnings, but none are meant for her.[2]



Recent friends. They share interests in art.


Recent friends. They argue about decisions frequently.

Ms. Hardy

She's described Ms Hardy as her "role model" and "favourite person".[3] Avery has a crush on her teacher, having an idle fancy of dating her when she get older.


Lucy and Verona tease her for liking Pamela O'Neil.[1]

Avery uses glamour to become a boy, in order to talk to Pamela, and ends up kissing her.[4] Lucy and Verona convince her that she shouldn't do this again, because it may put Pamela in danger.

She has kept her distance since, and comforted Pam after Maricica harrased her using the glamour. She even confessed her feelings to her.

Her Family

Avery lives with her family; at the start of Pale, she hasn't told any of them that she's gay. They started to start finding out around the summer.

There are a total of 8 people in the house: Avery, her grandfather ("Grumble"), her father (Connor), her mother (Kelsey),[5] her older brother Rowan, older sister Sheridan (16), younger brother Declan (10), and younger sister Kerry (6). Grumble suffered a stroke some time ago, and never fully recovered.

Life in the Kelly house is loud and chaotic, with her siblings constantly arguing with her and with each other, taking or messing with her possessions, blocking her in narrow hallways, etc.


Avery's boon companion from the Forest Ribbon Trail, a young opossum/girl Other. Avery and Snowdrop share a great deal of affection and trust.[6]


Avery is pale, with freckles along her face and arms and strawberry blonde hair.[7] Her eyes are blue-green and she has a slightly upturned nose.[8]

She tends to wear sporty, brightly-colored clothing. She often wears her hair in a ponytail, especially early in Pale.[8] She's between Lucy and Verona in height.[9]

As a practitioner, Avery wears a deer mask that was created for her by Verona, as well as a witch's hat made by Lucy and cloak she made herself. The mask is well-made, carved from wood, with tan paint on the nose and eye-holes and darker brown specked paint at the edges and ears.[10] It has short antlers. The hat and cloak are navy blue; the hat has a pointed brin with holes for the short antlers of her mask, and the cloak resembles a cape covering one arm with a wreath around her neck.[11][8][12] Once acquired, she wears a magical charm bracelet around her wrist and magical dog tags as "decoration" attached to her cloak.[8]

To the magically perceptive, her eyes glow a misty green when she uses her Second Sight[13] and the black of her pupils is exaggerated.[14][15][16][8] In certain magical contexts, her mask appears real, as if she has the head of a deer.[11][17][18] One antler of the mask was broken and that has carried over into her appearance with Sight. Interestingly it can be placed where it once was and hover there.

Abilities and Art

Official art from 1.8 Bonus Material: Inventories.

In addition to the shared abilities and gear of the Kennet Trio, Avery has several magics unique to her:

With her own distinctive Second Sight she can see white ribbons or photographic film representing (some) Connections,[19][20] and has discovered that she can physically interact with them to jerk targets around.[citation needed] She also sees handprints and footprints, while areas without the handprints or footprints have fallen into neglect.[21] The world of her Sight is darker than the real world and filled with mist.[22] Her Sight is somewhat nearsighted, making it hard to see connections to people near her.[23] Movement is highlighted, with things reacting to it more (bits of dust and debris, the mist etc.)[24] Lucy's Implement seems much larger and more complex to Avery's Sight, covering and surrounding much of her head.[25] Deer-like actions and quirks are easy to come by for Avery such as bounding over walls and fences, navigating vegetation without issue, or her shift into veganism.

She's also been taught a glamour by Guilherme as his gift to her, where she can use small amounts of glamour to "reinforce" victories and move her closer to her ideal self. She doesn't seem to have shared this technique with the other two.

She's performed a couple of basic Finder rituals, and apparently has been marked out to the universe as a Finder, making her interactions with that Practice more effective. As a consequence of walking the Forest Ribbon Trail, portals and pathways open faster for her. Zoomtown also won her supernatural skill at driving, running, riding etc. at the cost of annoyance when she can't drive (which is pretty much always, being underage.) Her Finder explorations have also won her the eternal friendship of Snowdrop.

She has a Finder's practice that gives her coins in exchange for turning down a trip, experience or journey, they can then be spent to make travelling through other realms easier. With a chance of encountering Lost or the trip to become more intense.[26]



She has taken to using the trio's training in Runes to create some basic magic items, shoes which let her jump further and hockey sticks which hit extremely hard (although they tend to shatter after a few uses.)[13][29]

She has taken to using the trio's training in glamour to shrink down her magical gear into charms which can be carried around on her charm bracelet (a gift from a friend who moved).[30][13]

She has a Finder item given to her by Miss; a Black Rope which lets her teleport short distances when unobserved. She can also tell from the roughness of the rope when she's being watched (and thus it's usable), although this is a little unreliable. Was gifted a pair of gardening gloves on the Promenade Path which allow her to send items to an undisclosed location and summon them back when clapped. The items reappear a bit beat up.

She was given a metal Pin by Ken that tells her if she's attuned to a place and helps her with City Magic.[31]

Avery received an 'official' Finder kit during negotiations with the garricks, getting a blowdryer, Eyeliner, glass crowbar, Stapler and yo-yo.[32]


Arc 1 - Lost for Words

Avery and her friends were brought into the world of the practice in order to investigate the mysterious death of the Carmine Beast. Her Personal Item was an unfinished doll she had knitted for her younger brother.

After participating in the awakening ritual with Verona and Lucy, she went on a road trip with them, as well as Matthew Moss, Edith James, and Charles in order to visit the home of the Carmine Beast.

After the trip, Avery returned home, and had to deal with her extremely crowded and uncomfortable family situation. She pulls on a connection between herself and her mask after her brother takes it in order to retrieve it, then draws a symbol on her table to make herself unnoticed by her family. She leaves the house to meet with Lucy and Verona. The trio are approached by Sir Toadswallow and Cherrypop, who offer to teach them how to make curses count.

As part of their duties to Kennet the trio interview the Kennet Others about the murder and in turn recieve gifts from each, with one exception. The Hungry Choir evades communication and attempts to trick Avery into entry. During the next ritual the girls interfere, and Avery steps up to rescue some of the contestants from the Waifs.

Kennet comes under scrutiny from outside Practioners. The trio use Nettlewisp to blind the Augers of the Blue Heron Institute.

Avery prepares to run the Forest Ribbon Trail, having recieved instruction from Miss. Entering the Path involves wrapping Avery and an animal in ribbons - cat Verona is able to find a baby opossum. Avery enters the trail and finds the opossum has become a young girl. She names her Snowdrop.

Snowdrop struggles to guide Avery through the Path. Avery realizes Snowdrop's rule of discourse and grows some confidence. Her meeting with the Wolf is interupted when Nicolette Belanger interferes in revenge for the Nettlewisp. Avery is trapped on the Path alone with the Wolf. Miss is able to stave off the Wolf, and the Kennet Others negotiate with the Belangers to free Avery and enroll the trio into the Blue Heron Institute.

The trio study at the Blue Heron, but make enemies with some of the students and faculty.

The trio briefly return to Kennet to protect it from Lawrence Bristow's Aware.

Avery is pulled into brewing conflict at the Blue Heron between the two headmasters. Her kindness to Clem proves to be Bristow's downfall.

Returning from the Blue Heron, Avery's parents announce that her mom will be moving to Thunder Bay for work. Avery stays in Kennet with her dad, Grumble, and younger siblings. Her home life wears on her after her Dad lets Declan's misogyny fester. She decides to move to Thunder Bay but keeps it secret from Lucy and Verona.

The trio solves the murder and confront the conspirators, but are unable to prevent Charles Abrams from killing John and claiming the Carmine seat. In the immediate aftermath, Avery confesses that she's leaving.

Post-Carmine Contest

Avery relocates to Thunder Bay for the fall semester, moving in with Sheridan, Rowan, and her Mother. Avery is quickly approached by Ann Wint and Deb Cloutier, and requests a meeting with the Lord of Thunder Bay, She Who Drowns in Moonlight. Avery gifts three elemental items and is granted stay.

The girls begin to find their feet in the fallout of the Carmine Contest. Avery resolves to find allies and solidify existing raltionships, seeking to prevent the external complications that threw Kennet into chaos.

At school, Avery joins the lacrosse team and splits her attenion between new friends Jeanine and Nora. The Thunder Bay Council begins using her for errands, and by the Lord's personal request Avery spies on councilmembers to determine their alleigence to Abraham Musser. Avery begins to feel that she's taken on too much and looks for opportunities to combine responsibilities.

Verona visits Thunder Bay to see her mom and help out with Avery's spying. They release several of the bound Lost that Avery had recieved from the Garricks, using their assistance to monitor the Thunder Bay Council. A disguised Avery and Verona interfere when Thea tries to harm some local kids. Thea traps them in her vault, but they're able to escape and steal Thea's power source in the process.

Avery determines that Thomas Whitt and Hugh Legendre are working with Musser against the Lord, and that they're bringing guns into Thunder Bay. During a visit from Liberty Tedd Avery discovers that Anthem Tedd is involved with the sale. She fails to tell Liberty. Avery runs the Build Up with Liberty and Jude, and fulfills a promise to the Tearaway Kid. While hanging out afterwards Liberty pushes Nora into confessing her feelings, and Avery and Nora start dating.

Fan Art


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    “Pamela’s cute!”

    “Pamela’s-” Lucy started, finished.

    “You can say it.  If you want to be judgey, own it,” Avery said, with as much aggression and indignation as she ever mustered.

    “A healthy size.  Kind of like Ms. Hardy.”

    “You have a type,” Verona commented.  Her hand and shoulder were hurting from carrying the bags.  She was glad at least that Avery was distracted from her nervousness.

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    “The first of the three is self-loathing and denies her very Self.”

    “Can you introduce me to her?” Avery asked.

    “I could, but I would be in contravention of my oath to you,” Maricica said, shrugging, the totality of her wings rippling following the shrug. “Like being attracted to like isn’t the entirety of compatibility. You would love her at first but she would hurt you back. Then you would hate her and she would hate herself. Such is her loathing. You should trust me when I say she would do lasting harm to you before you could heal her. She will find her own happiness when her age is twice what it is now.”

    “That’s…” Avery wrinkled her nose, swallowing. “I’m not sure I believe that it’s that impossible.”

    “All the same, I cannot act in contravention of my oath,” Maricica said, her head bowing.

    “Who’s are the others?” Verona asked.

    “Neither are meant for Avery.”

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  4. “I think you’re really pretty. It sucks to hear you apparently don’t believe me, but I sorta get it. My friend might be out there watching from a distance, but if she’s laughing, it’s at how much of a dork I’m being right now. Not at you, she’s not that kind of person.”

    “I thought maybe if I asked you to kiss me, and you said yes, it’d be because of the bet.”

    “No bet. Really. Who would do that?”

    “Assholes. There’s a lot of assholes. People treat you as subhuman if you’re fat.”

    “You’re not fat. You’re curvy and I… really like curvy. I like your face. I like- I like your clothes. I think you’re clearly nice, and cool, and…”

    Pamela leaned in, and Avery stopped talking, pausing to wrestle with herself.

    The glamour broke across her chest, like a crack spreading across ice, starting at the heart.

    She kissed Pamela, and… she’d never thought kisses would be warm, stupidly. She’d never thought kisses would taste like the ice cream that Pamela had just been eating. - Excerpt from Stolen Away 2.3
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    “I love you, Snowdrop.  You’re the best thing this practice stuff has provided me with, and I worry I’m taking you for granted sometimes, or that…” Avery took in a deep breath.  “…I dunno.  Is it bad if you’re what you are because of me?”

    “Yeah,” Snowdrop said, laconic.  “Terrible.”

    “I don’t- just the fact that you’re set up to be my companion, and we forced that on you.”

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    Her clothing style tends toward sporty clothes (raglan, jersey, shorts), brighter colors, a little busier (maybe a pattern on a shirt or jacket). There is an Extra Materials that suggests her clothing style.
    She’s most likely of the group to be smiling/happy. At a resting default, she'd be smiling while the other two wouldn't. In terms of art direction for pose, she'd be moving, she's moving more/at a higher difficulty, or she's already moved. Examples include V&L walking while Avery is ahead of them, walking backwards so she can face them while moving, V&L standing while Avery sits on a wall or branch just above, or V&L standing while Avery stands on one foot, the other off the ground, like she's ready to get moving.
    Her Sight turns her eyes cloudy, like fogged up green marbles (think of planet earth seen from space, with clouds moving over it, but entirely green), but the blacks of her irises and pupils stand out more in the fog, vs. being covered up. Her mask is a deer mask with short antlers and the antlers can be slid into slots/holes in her hat, which has a slightly more triangular or leaf-shaped brim. Her cape rests atop her shoulders as a loose wreath, then falls over one arm like a musketeer's cape. She wears a charm bracelet and has her dog tags at her cape as a decoration, instead of around her neck. Cape and hat are navy blue. - Wildbow on Reddit
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    Avery handed Lucy a fox mask, painted orange.

    “Damn,” Lucy muttered.  “You’re way better at carving than I am, Ronnie.  That deer mask is great.  Sorry yours is…”

    Verona shook her head.  A black cat mask.  It was simple, but she liked it.  She hugged it to her chest with one hand while offering Lucy the hat she’d made herself.  Each of them had a gift for the other two. And for themselves, short cloaks. - Excerpt from Lost for Words 1.1
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    Animal faces, two of them wearing wide-brimmed hats, the other with a cord tying her hat to her neck.

    The third girl was quicker, moving from a point behind the other two, catching up, and skipping easily over the four-foot high fence of thick plastic netting, finer nets, and the barbed wire that Tattoos was stringing up.  A long cape fluttered behind her before she landed in a crouch, a hockey stick resting against her shoulder.  She hurried forward to the woman who was sobbing.  Her face was a deer’s, with antlers.
    There was only the Deer girl, her dark blue cape fluttering behind her. - Excerpt from Lost for Words 1.z
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    When they’d done the search for the capes, they’d agreed to use the first blueprint on the list.  They’d been halfway when they had discovered the cape designs were all different.  Not that it mattered.  Verona’s was closer to a cloak, and Lucy’s closer to a shawl, it was so short.  Avery’s looked like more of a cape, with a wreath around the neck and shoulders.  She wore it ajar, so it covered most of one arm. - excerpt from Lost for Words 1.2
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  15. “Let’s just handle this,” Lucy said.  “Eyes open.”

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  17. She lifted up the dense, metal dollhouse, setting it in a metal box with about 20 segments.  There were a horrendous number of figures, pieces of furniture, accessories, animals, and little colored blocks inside, sliding around, rolling down stairs, and falling out.  The box itself had zipper-like creases at the edges of each segment, knitting them together.  She centered the dollhouse and then collected the fallen bits, pushing them in through windows.
    She whispered, “Show me the three girls with animal faces,” and opened it up.

    Three simple figurines with rectangular blocks for bodies were topped with the heads of a fox, cat, and deer.  They were within a cabin with an open top.  Ribbons filled the space, tying to a center mass.  A circular bit of wood, shallow, sat in the center.

    There was no sign of the other figurines that had been within, or the diner, or the old house.

    “Why animal faces?” she asked.

    “If it’s this omnipresent, it may be the Sight equivalent of labeling something at the root level.  I could see changing or obfuscating your name, taking on a title as part of the implement or demesnes rituals, but faces… I don’t know.  If it was one individual, I could say it’s a Host with an exceptionally strong rider, or a practitioner with a familiar strong enough it was leaking through, but I’d expect to see that leak somewhere else.” - Excerpt from Stolen Away 2.z
  18. The room’s appearance shifted, to become something very much like the spirit world Lucy had visited together with Verona and Avery.  The floor was covered in an inch of water, littered with flower petals.  She could see the nose of the ‘mask’ she wore in spirit, and her hair was far longer, pale pink tendrils blowing across her shoulder.

    Other students changed as well.  Avery had the deer mask.  Jessica had two silver lines running down from her eyes, her skin and hair beaded with moisture.  Dom, Talia, and Jorja weren’t as affected as some, but Lucy could see how Dom’s hands were paler.  Talia resembled her doll and her doll resembled her.  Jorja had little pastel pellets littering her hair and shoulders, in stark contrast to how dark her clothes and hair were, and how grim her expression was.

    “Spirit is one source of power.  Basic, simple, easy, but it can be hard to negotiate for the particulars, or to control the fine results.”
    The lighting changed.  Everything became a slow-motion flow of smoke, but where transparent wisps overlapped, they painted silhouettes and details.

    She wore the fox mask here.  More smoke traced the outline of her cape.

    “This is what one might see with a particular variety of the Sight, ignoring connections.  Lucy here-” - Excerpt from Leaving a Mark 4.6
  19. Avery turned that same Sight out toward the campus.  The ‘bands’ of film-negative cutouts that represented connections were stretched tight, to the point of being strained, and many others were lying limp on the ground, especially here, between the parking lot and the school, and at the front of the school itself.  She didn’t know if that meant they were broken forever if it meant the slack would be picked up later, but it caught her eye. - Excerpt from Cutting Class 6.9
  20. Edith turned her head to look off into the trees.  Avery, her Sight still active, could see the band that wound through the trees and along a path, extending to the distant campsite that Edith was looking at. [...] The idea of this particular bit of chalk-drawing, like the one on Lucy’s hat and Verona’s hat, was not to work on spirits, but to work on the bands she could see with the Sight.  Every relationship between a person and a person, place, or thing had a band or a ‘connection’. - Excerpt from Lost for Words 1.3
  21. She did as Miss had instructed earlier in the evening, and opened her eyes to the Sight.  She could see the flare of Edith’s eyes, and the world partially dissolved.  On trees, on cars, there were a multitude of handprints and footprints.  Bands extended like clotheslines or spider’s webs across everything, including a band from the truck to the office, another band to the truck, and another band that extended down into the woods, wrapping around trees on the way there.

    Where there weren’t handprints and footprints, things were damaged.  Bark was peeled and broken, grass black to the point it looked like there was nothing there, and sections of wall around the camp buildings were splintered and shedding paint.

    The bands were the interesting thing.  They were almost like old film negatives, partially transparent, silhouettes standing up and looking around.  Almost like paper with sections cut out.  Almost like something quilted, layers stitched on.  A middle-ground between all three.  Where there was too much negative, too much cut-out, or too little material, the bands looked like they could snap.  She felt like she could look at those scenes that formed the band and analyze them, but she couldn’t get close enough.  When she moved, they moved.  If she walked towards one, it rose higher until it was well above her head. - Excerpt from Lost for Words 1.3
  22. Avery’s eyes opened wider, her pupils narrowed, and the ‘real’ world peeled away.  The floor was shrouded in the faintest of mists, the unimportant details flaked away like peeling paint in a high wind, and it was just her, the people on the field, a court of handprints and footprints, and a mess of the bands all around her, strung between players and between herself and the others.  The ones from herself were harder to see.


    One third of her left eye was stuck on the Sight, like a blurriness that wouldn’t go away, but it was a different picture, darker, mistier, with handprints, some bloody. - Excerpt from Lost for Words 1.7
  23. She sat at the end of the bench.  Pamela seated herself beside Avery.

    [...] Her Sight was more farsighted than not, which was a pain, because she really would have liked to see and study the band that stretched between her and Pamela. - Excerpt from Lost for Words 1.7
  24. She remembered why she’d used the sight, and tried to analyze the world around her.  Movement and motion provoked shedding of bits of grass, bark, or paint, to the point she could tell that there were things out there, but… she couldn’t see in the dark.
    Avery used her Sight.  It made it easier to see moving things, and to see the threads that tied one thing to another. - Excerpt from Lost for Words 1.3
  25. Avery turned on her Sight, and she could see the earring, exaggerated.  Metal-framed crystals, elongated, hung in the air, close to her head, and wire ran from her ear, along her hair, and into her ponytail, where it proliferated, decorating what was there. - Excerpt from Cutting Class 6.9
  26. She had three coins she’d borrowed Verona’s paints to prime and paint over.  Well, she’d painted one, but the rest had started to pop up here and there.  Avery collected them when they did.

    It was a Finder practice, from Avery’s big batch of new things.  Each coin was metaphorically ‘bought’ by turning down a journey, a trip, or an experience.  Each coin could then be spent to accelerate travel through other realms.  There was a chance for things to be livened up, for Lost to turn up, for the experience to be intensified in a variety of ways. - Excerpt from Summer Break 13.12
  27. “I give you my ability to lie, Avery, out of hopes it screws you up real bad and ruins your practice forever.  You get nothing else from me you’d want, in protections and special rules.” - Excerpt from One After Another 10.1
  28. S.drop

    First Familiar of Kennet, spirit companion of the paths, glutton, arsonist, snuggle buddy. Prospective Goblin Sage. Currently assisting with surveillance, goblin outreach, exploration, and vetting of closer innocent relationships.
    Familiar: The bond means Snowdrop gets a longer lifespan, bit more humanity and power, for stronger spiritstuff, and more ability to function in daylight.

    Imparts some ability to offload fatigue or be more effective at night, omnivorism, opossum senses and a Lost awareness that helps with seeing around and through things.

    We went with a very free, open, flex-y bond. in Keeping Tabs, Thunder Bay
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  30. Avery reached to her wrist, where she had a few charms hanging from a simple rope bracelet. A bracelet Olivia had bought her. The pledge on Olivia’s part had been that she’d buy a new charm for the bracelet every birthday and Christmas, in addition to other presents. Olivia had given it with one charm, a skate, then forgot the following Christmas, then bought a rabbit, and then the friendship had ended. Olivia had gone to play for Swanson and had ghosted Avery, ignoring and then blocking the messages Avery had sent. It wasn’t even like she’d sent many, or been demanding, or even been accusatory. She’d sent two the first week, then one a week for the next two weeks. Then after another month, she’d sent Olivia a happy birthday message. She hadn’t even cared about the hockey team or Olivia leaving, only that she’d lost a friend.

    Avery had dug up the bracelet because it was convenient. It was a strong bracelet, and with other charms removed, she could add her own.

    Mask- she tore it off, shook it violently, and shucked off the glamour she’d used. She donned the mask. - Excerpt from Stolen Away 2.9
  31. “Good.  The pin will help you with the prep.  If you’re in a place for a while, it’ll change.  Tells you when you’re attuned to a place, when you can ask the city spirits things.  There are ones smaller and vaguer than me.  Neighborhood spirits, street spirits.  You’ll usually need to do things for them, even picking up litter or something, before they’ll do something for you.” - Excerpt from Shaking Hands 9.11
  32. “Blowdryer with a cut cord, set it to on, it’ll pin down whatever you’re pointing it at.  Blow it around a bit, but won’t blow it away.  Has to be a certain size, certain amount of strength or raw power can rip it away, but… handy.  Stapler, does the opposite, crack that baby open and give it a squeeze, catches ’em and flings ’em back, can even staple something or someone to a wall if you catch the edge of them and throw ’em back enough.  Eyeliner keeps your vision clear of dust and sand, but makes you colorblind while you’re wearing it.  Yo-yo string, tie it around something, throw that something away, it’ll come back to you within twenty-four hours.  Glass crowbar, lighter than a regular crowbar, more effective too, but it breaks on use, or breaks if you break it, fixes itself the next day.” - Excerpt from Summer Break 13.9